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At Bone & Joint Care Centre, we provide digital X Ray in Ulwe at affordable prices. An X-ray is a common imaging test that has been in practice since decades. X-rays provide doctors with an inside view of the body, without necessitating an incision. These images prove instrumental in diagnosing, monitoring and treating many medical condition. Digital X-rays are better than traditional X-rays, since they result in sharper images, leading to a more conclusive diagnosis. Digital X-ray machines also reduce exposure to radiation by 75% or more, as compared to older machines. Patients can benefit from reduced waiting time, since Digital X-rays are faster; and can be shared instantly with medical practitioners. If you’re relying on your doctor to make a diagnosis accurate enough, image quality matters a lot. Not only do you get results within seconds, but also easily resizable image which can be enlarged in order to visualize hard-to-see potential issues without distorting or degrading the quality of the image.